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Property Listings

Location : Tantra Hill ( To Let )

Rooms: 5 Bedrooms

Price: 1800 GH Cedis per month









Location : Brekusu

Rooms: 2 Bedrooms Self contain

Price: $75,000










Location : Brekusu

Rooms: 3 Bedrooms Self contain

Price: $80,000










Location : Pokuase close to ACP Estates

Rooms: 3 Bedrooms

Price: $105,000


Debetcot Ltd is a Construction company with a core service portfolio including Building and Civil Works, Sales of Properties, Roofing Sheets and Project Supervision. Our Projects and Products are standing testimonies to the company's basic approach of upholding excellent standards in design and construction .All projects therefore bear the charateristic hallmarks of Debetcot- technical excellence, impeccable quality, airy and spacious accommodation, and completion on schedule, clear titles and a concern for ecology.

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