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Property Listings

Location : Tantra Hill ( To Let )

Rooms: 5 Bedrooms

Price: 1800 GH Cedis per month









Location : Brekusu

Rooms: 2 Bedrooms Self contain

Price: $75,000










Location : Brekusu

Rooms: 3 Bedrooms Self contain

Price: $80,000










Location : Pokuase close to ACP Estates

Rooms: 3 Bedrooms

Price: $105,000


We also sell high quality  two different profiles of Roofing Sheets. IBR and  STRIPLOCK.

 * Our Strips Lock sheets has width of 0.31m and comes in gauges of 0.40, 0.45 & 0.05mm and various colors.

* Our IBR roofing sheets  meet any building’s roofing specification with an effective width of 0.85m and comes in gauges of 0.40, 0.45 & 0.50 mm and various colours with rivets to match.

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